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2013 Honda CR-V Review – Comfortable cruiser

17 Aug , 2013  

Honda CRV Review Angle - carwitterSince Honda launched the original CRV they have sold over 5 million, so the entirely new CRV best be up to par.

We tested the 2.0 litre Petrol with an automatic gearbox, in top of the range EX trim level. The only extra was metallic paint at £500, bringing the total price to £30,900.

With 152 BHP and 192Nm of torque, the CRV gets from 0-62 in 10.2 seconds.

Honda CRV Review Side - carwitterWe have never really been a fan of the old CRV, it was too squared off at the front and too rounded at the back, it just didn’t look right.

They have however completely redesigned the latest model, it has a newer, more masculine, rugged look about it. Up front a sloping grille melts into bold headlamps, which are met by a style line that continues to the front windows.

Further styling lines run along the top and bottom of the doors, the latter meets up with the bottom of the rear lights. The old style CRV curve of the rear quarter glass has been given an angle that mimics the shape of the rear lights, whilst the roof line slopes ever so slightly toward the boot.

At the back, large vertical brake lights puncture the rear quarter panel, and pull the side of the car in toward the boot.

Honda CRV Review Alloys - carwitter

We really liked the 18 Inch polished alloys on our EX model, they were very smart and went well with the gunmetal plastic trim that coats the lower sections of the CRV.

All in all it’s very handsome, big, but tough looking car, and in the right colour rather purposeful.

Honda CRV Review Front - carwitter

If you frequently drive on long journeys, or cover a lot of motorway miles this car is perfect!

It’s just so comfortable. The CRV just glides over the road, you barely notice drain covers or pot holes, the ride is very good. It never feels like a big car either, its only when you catch a glance in the rear view mirror, or look back, that you realise just how cavernous it is.

Acceleration in the 2.0 litre petrol is rather sluggish, it’s ok, and it will get there but it feels like it struggles at times. This is no doubt due, in part to the automatic gearbox, it’s a great box’ but not with this engine. Gear changes are very smooth, even when putting your foot to the floor the kick down is barely noticeable.

Under hard braking the car nose dives a small amount but it’s all very controlled, the brakes are firm and give you great confidence in such a big car.

Honda CRV Review Rear - carwitter

Our model came with all-wheel drive, I’m not entirely sure why this car needs it though…while it’s handy to have in winter, you’re then stuck with it the other 50 weeks of the year.

It doesn’t help the fuel consumption either, especially on this petrol model. Driving over 300 (mainly motorway) miles we only managed to achieve 31.3 MPG, and that was with the ECON button on.

This button restricts the acceleration, and lengthens the gear changes to save fuel. I hate to think what our MPG would have been with it off!

Honda CRV Review ECON button - carwitter

Steering is light, but accurate. There’s no feeling or feedback through it at all, but in this type of car it doesn’t really both you that much.

Honda CRV Review Steering Wheel - carwitter

Inside the CRV is very spacious. The rear seats split 60/40, and can easily accommodate a 6ft adult when the driver’s seat is fully back.

Honda CRV Review Rear Seats - carwitter

Rear load space is brilliant, a completely flat boot entrance makes it easy to get things in and out. A retractable parcel shelf is a great feature too, allowing it to be removed in seconds.

Boot capacity is 589 litres, which can be increased to a whopping 1648 litres with the rear seats folded down.

Honda CRV Review Boot - carwitter

Up front the dash plastics have a nice quality feel to them, everything’s solid and well put together.

There are two screens built into the dash, one is for the multimedia/sat nav, and the other shows you information like the time, MPG or currently playing track.

It’s a nice setup but all of the menus, (even the sat nav maps) look a little dated compared to what other manufacturers are currently offering.

Honda CRV Review Dash Screen - carwitter

All of the controls are within easy reach, and rather minimal which is good. One thing we loved about the interior were the knee cushions on the sides of the centre console, it’s a small touch, but it’s so much nicer than resting your knee on hard plastic.

Honda CRV Review Knee Pad - carwitter

Our model had light creamy (called Ivory) leather seats which were ok, but not to our liking. The lower dash plastics were also a light beige colour, it looks a little dated; we would opt for the all black interior option personally.

In the range topping EX trim you get the luxury of a huge glass sunroof, and with the blinds open the whole interior becomes so much lighter and far less gloomy. It’s another really nice feature.

Honda CRV Review Panoramic Glass Roof - carwitter

Bluetooth, iPod, USB, DAB radio and video inputs are all standard on this spec too.

Sound from the premium stereo was great, and could be tweaked very accurately. A built in hard drive means you can rip your CD’s and store them on the car. DVD’s can also be played back on the main Nav screen.

If you want a car to lug around a herd of children, all their belongings, and still be in comfort, then this is the car to get. It eats up the miles with ease, and is genuinely a nice, comfortable drive.

But…we simply can’t recommend buying the 2.0 litre Petrol model, especially with an automatic gearbox. It’s a big car, it needs the torque, and economy a diesel engine provides. The diesel is also quicker, a 2.2 i-DTEC will make the 0-62 sprint in a very reasonable 9.7 seconds, with an automatic gearbox this extends to 10.6.

SR Spec has a good kit to price ratio, and with the manual 2.2 diesel the CRV can be picked up at £28,540. We’d go for this one!

Honda CRV Review Front Angle - carwitter

Carwitter Summary:

Honda CR-V – Very comfy, dated infotainment menus, smooth ride, spacious, rugged looks.


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