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Top Ten most hated car accessories!

12 Aug , 2013  

Car Eyelashes most hated car accessory - carwitter have conducted a survey of 2,000 drivers across the UK, they where asked what the Top 10 most hated accessories were as well as a few other interesting questions…

Out of the 2,000 people asked:

  • 93% admitted to never buying a car with ‘bad taste’ car accessories
  • 40% even admitted that they may be inclined to dump someone who showed up with a newly attached car accessory!
  • 42% thought that car accessories could affect the value of car
  • 30% of those guilty of kitting their car out with tasteless accessories admitted to regretting their accessory choices
  • 93% claimed to have never bought a car with bad taste accessories
  • 75% of respondents believe people only use accessories because ‘they think it looks good’

Car Headlight Eyelashes most hated car accessory - carwitter

So on to the Top 10 Most hated car accessories:

  1. Headlight eyelashes (72%)
  2. Fluffy Dice (66%)
  3. Noisy Exhausts (64%)
  4. Novelty Horns (58%)
  5. “Powered by Fairy Dust” stickers or similar (58%)
  6. Lights under car (51%)
  7. Nodding Dogs (47%)
  8. Flags (46%)
  9. Subwoofers (40%)
  10. Steering wheel covers (39%)

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