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Citroen DS3 DSport RED Review – Head turner

4 Aug , 2013  

Citroen DS3 RED Review Side Angle - carwitter

Citroen released the DS3 back in 2010, but they have recently released a special edition RED model.

Based on DSport spec, it adds some extra goodies and a unique exterior look. All in, the RED costs £17,925, you can only get it with the THP 155 engine which gives (as you guessed) 155 HP coupled with 240 Nm of torque; meaning the little DS3 will shift from 0-62 in 7.3 seconds.

Citroen DS3 RED Review Side - carwitter

Even though the DS3 is now 3 years old, it still looks as good as it did on launch day.

Small, compact dimensions with styling you won’t find on any other car make the DS3 stand out.

A half height B pillar looks like a reverse shark fin, the rear lights have a 3D effect to them and the front daytime running LED’s frame the whole nose of the car perfectly.

Citroen DS3 RED Review Rear Angle - carwitter

Citroen have offered the RED as a special edition, you can’t spec a normal DS3 with this colour scheme.

A blood red roof, door mirrors and front grille look stunning set against the Nera black paintwork.

You can also get this model in White and Red, but the Red/Black combination just looks brilliant!

And boy do you get some looks in it, the only other car that has garnered as much attention was Peugeots RCZ. This DS3 really turns heads!

Citroen DS3 RED Review Front - carwitter

0-62 in 7.3 seconds isn’t far off hot hatch territory, so you won’t be disappointed with the THP 155 engine. Overtaking is a breeze, with great torque you don’t even have to change down if you’re feeling lazy.

When cornering the whole car feels tight and planted, grip is great through the 17” Bridgestone’s.

The ride is so good it actually masks your speed very well, it’s only when you look down at the dials you realise how fast you’re going. 50 feels like 30, 70 feels like 50….we’ll stop there!

There’s little body roll when you do throw it into a corner as the ride is nice and firm, it feels tight and sporty. Damping is good too; go over a hump in the road and the DS3 immediately settles back down with no jittering or weight transfer.

Citroen DS3 RED Review Rear Pillar Visability - carwitter

Even with those tight rear dimensions the view out the back of the car is really good. The C pillars are very narrow, and the large side windows almost give you a panoramic view when reversing.

We drove around 130 town miles and only achieved 29 MPG, that’s a fair way off Citroen’s claimed 34.4 Urban MPG. On a long A road journey of 200 miles the DS3 faired a lot better, managing to get 47 MPG; out of a 1.6 turbo engine we think that’s particularly good going!

Citroen DS3 RED Review Dashboard - carwitter

Inside the DS3 the colour theme continues, the whole central dash panel is a bright blood red colour, matching door handle inserts finish off the look.

The rest of the interior is dark and black, with aluminium detailing on the steering wheel, gear knob and pedals.

Citroen DS3 RED Review Steering Wheel - carwitter

When you’re inside the DS3 the whole car feels cosy and secure, high doors and the black head lining make you feel cocooned. It’s a nice feeling!

Citroen DS3 RED Review Stereo - carwitter

The stereo is ok, but the bass is pretty flat, and leaves you wanting more; even though the RED has additional speakers.

Connectivity is great, Bluetooth, iPod as well as AUX in are all catered for thanks to the ‘Connect Signature pack’ that comes as standard.

One thing we didn’t like however was the actual stereo unit, it’s the same one used in many Peugeot/Citroen vehicles and the way the dash moulds around this old fashioned looking head unit just looks odd. Something bespoke that fits in with the chic look of the car would be better.

Citroen DS3 RED Review Front Seats - carwitter

As soon as you open the door you notice the sports seats, they are sculpted and slightly hugging with nice suede effect panels. They look great, and are very comfortable. To increase the comfort on those long journeys you also get a central arm rest, another nice extra on the RED.

Citroen DS3 RED Review Rear Seats - carwitter

The rear seats are fine for occasional use, but would be a little cramped for an adult on longer journeys. Boot space is pretty good at 285 litres, easily big enough for a couple of overnight bags.

Citroen DS3 RED Review Boot Space - carwitter

If you’re after something unique and different, with a bit of go about it then look no further.

The DS3 is still far less common than a Mini, meaning you still get lots of people’s attention.

With the RED being a special addition it should hopefully hold its value well; the performance and the amount of kit you get on the car makes It worth the nearly £18k asking price.

Citroen DS3 RED Review Side Angle Skid - carwitter

Carwitter Summary:

Citroen DS3 RED – Head turning looks, ok stereo, sporty drive, great extra kit.

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