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Driveways are the most expensive parking spaces

8 May , 2013  

Europcar has conducted research over the last month of 1000 motorists, the conclusions are rather interesting!

The findings:

  • 10% of monthly income spent on cars and ownership
  • 65% of people use them less than an hour a day
  • Insurance has risen on average by £57 a year
  • Majority of people surveyed spend up to £600 a year on insurance
  • 1/3rd of motorists surveyed had two cars per household
  • 56% said public transport couldn’t replace their car
  • 40% said public transport was too costly
  • 64% said public transport was inconvenient
  • 53% said public transport was unreliable
  • Average age of vehicles surveyed where 5 years old
  • 18% owned a car over 10 years old

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