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Renault TwinZ Concept Car

8 Apr , 2013  

Renault TwinZ Front

Renault have lifted the lid on its newest concept car, the Renault TwinZ. A new take on the city car.

The interesting bits:

  • All electric
  • 50kW (68HP)
  • 167lb ft Torque
  • Top speed of 81 MPH
  • Weighs 980 KGs
  • British designed (Ross Lovegrove)
  • Unique LED “Roofscape”
  • 3623 mm long x 1705 mm wide x 1506 mm tall
  • Batteries sit beneath the floor
  • TwinZ hints at the next generation Twingo

Renault TwinZ Interior

Renault TwinZ LED Roof

Renault TwinZ Side Angle

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