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Volkswagen e-up!

14 Mar , 2013  

Volkswagen e up Front Angle

VW have today announced its first all electric car, the e-up!

The meaty bits are:

  • 150KM Range
  • 82PS Peak power
  • 55PS continuous power
  • 210Nm of Torque
  • 0-100KM/H in under 14 Seconds
  • Top speed of 135KM/H
  • 18.7 KWh battery
  • Car weighs only 1,185KG
  • Integrated battery in under floor area
  • Charging port under fuel flap
  • Curved DRL’s mounted in front bumper
  • Front bumper, sills and under body aerodynamically optimised
  • Available to order in Autumn
  • UK deliveries to start in early 2014

Volkswagen e up Front

Volkswagen e up Rear

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