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Jaguar F-Type Pictures – In the flesh

23 Feb , 2013  

Yesterday at a driving event a stunning Jaguar F-Type was parked up outside. Nobody was allowed to drive it, but everyone stopped to dribble at its amazing looks.

It would have been rude to not get some decent pictures. I never realised how nice the back of the F-Type is until i was standing looking at it, the way the rear is pushed up and the slit like rear lights sit just below the boot lid, along with the twin middle mounted exhaust pipes – its so E-Type how can you not love it?

Throughout the driving day i spotted numerous “camo” cars, one of them being an F-Type, so testing must be ongoing.

Jaguar F Type Dark Grey Front 2
Jaguar F Type Dark Grey Front

Jaguar F Type Dark Grey Rear

Jaguar F Type Dark Grey Side

Jaguar F Type Dark Badge

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