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New Bentley Flying Spur

21 Feb , 2013  

Bentley Flying Spur Front

Bentley have announced a new luxury sedan, the Flying Spur. It will receive its global debut at Geneva.

The info for now:

  • 6.0 Litre twin turbo W12 engine
  • 616BHP and 800Nm of torque
  • 0-60 in 4.3 seconds
  • 0-100 in 9.5 seconds
  • Top speed of 200MPH
  • 19.2 MPG
  • Eight gears
  • All wheel drive with 40:60 rear bias
  • 19″ alloys
  • LED headlamps/tail lamps
  • Aluminium bonnet and front wings
  • 50KG lighter than the first version
  • Four and Five seat configurations available
  • Naim audio system
  • Eight channel, eight speaker audio system
  • Built in Wifi hotspot

Bentley Flying Spur Back

Bentley Flying Spur Side

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