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McLaren P1 Interior

14 Feb , 2013  

Mclaren P1 Dials-w1024

McLaren has teased us once more, this time with shots of the P1’s interior.

Heres the low down:

  • Cockpit ‘of a fighter jet’
  • Clear and Clutter free
  • Glass canopy overhead
  • Windscreen deeper than it is wide
  • Switchgear kept to a minimum
  • Climate control
  • Sat Nav
  • Bespoke sound system developed my Meridian
  • Carnon fibre inside is lacquer free which saves 1.5kg
  • Carbon fibre dash
  • Carbon fibre floor
  • Carbon fibre headlining
  • Carbon fibre doors
  • Carbon fibre rockers
  • No sound deadening
  • No carpet as standard
  • Seats use minimum amount of foam
  • Seats weigh just 10.5kg each
  • Seat backs fixed to 28 degrees back from vertical
  • Seats can be adjusted to 38 degrees back for racing and extra helmet room
  • Fixings for 6 point race harness
  • Inertia reel seat belts
  • Alcantara steering wheel with carbon fibre inserts

McLaren P1 Cockpit-w1024

McLaren P1 Doors Open-w1024

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