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Toyota GT86 TRD edition

8 Feb , 2013  

Toyota GT86 TRD 2

Toyota have announced a new GT86 model, the GT86 TRD (Toyota Racing Development) adds new front and rear bumpers along with side skirts and a new filler cap and a sports exhaust.

No engine modifications, or performance enhancements.

More info:

  • Only 250 in the UK
  • On sale from 1st March
  • Forged 18inch Alloys
  • Front and side skirts
  • Rear spoiler
  • Quad exhaust
  • TRD branded detailing
  • Priced on the road from: £31,495

The price has gone up by £6,000 for some minor bodywork changes, Toyota should have spent the money creating a new interior. For £31,495 i still cant help but think you deserve a better cockpit than the GT86 offers.

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Toyota GT86 TRD 3

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