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Audi Autonomous cars at CES

22 Jan , 2013  


Audi will be showing off Autonomous cars at CES this month. They have two types of technology:

  • Automatic parking
    • With the help of its sensors, the car drives autonomously into the parking space or the garage under the driver’s supervision, stopping immediately if it detects an obstacle. Once it has reached its final position, it shuts off the engine, deactivates the ignition and locks the doors before finally sending a confirmation to the driver.
  • Traffic jam driving
    • At speeds of between zero and 37mph, the system helps to steer the car within certain constraints, and also accelerates and brakes autonomously

Id like to know what happens when either of the systems goes pear shaped, crashes your car, or injures someone and you say “The car was driving itself” on the insurance claim….




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