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Smart ForTwo Electric Drive

14 Jan , 2013  


After a long wait the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive is finally ready to buy!

Heres the info:

  • On the road from £12,275 including grant of £3,993
  • £55 a month battery lease
  • Optional 22kW onboard quick charger
  • Top speed of 78MPH
  • 90 Mile range
  • Sat Nav as standard
  • Air Con as standard
  • Electric windows
  • Panoramic roof availble
  • Cabrio version also availble
  • Two charging cables, one for home and one for public charging stations
  • Smart vehicle homepage, checks range state of charge, and can be accessed by tablet and smartphones
  • Pre air conditioning can pre cool or pre heat the vehicle before you drive
  • Can be equipped with a pedestrian sound module, it emits an engine noise
  • Outright purchase price is £15,395

I absolutely LOVE the electric Smart, i drove one toward the end of last year. It was amazing fun to drive and felt very nippy, it would be an ideal city car!

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