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Citroen Puretech Engines on their way

10 Dec , 2012  


Citroen has unveiled a new family of three cylinder engines. The Citroen Puretech engines have superior power compared with the previous generation, combined with lower fuel consumption and 25% lower emissions.

The information:

  • Availble in the C3, DS3, and C-Elysée
  • Engines up to 25KG lighter
  • 11-to-1 compression ratio
  • Engine has lost 100mm in width and 70mm in height over the old models
  • Produced at Trémery plant in France
  • 1.0 (68HP) and 1.2 (82hp)litre engines
  • C3 and DS3 in the UK can already have the VTi 82 1.2 engine
  • MPG will be 65.7 for the 1.0, and 61.4 for the 1.2
  • Twin overhead cam, four valves per cylinder
  • 52 new patents filed while developing the engine family


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