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SEAT Young Driver course helps accident rates

26 Nov , 2012  

As an alternative to the big brother MyKey that Ford are adopting, i think this is a much better alternative, and should be run free of charge for schools by all manufacturers.

  • Road accident rate is reduced among young drivers that have completed the pioneering SEAT Young Driver programme
  • Survey sample shows that teenage accident rate among participants is less than half the national average after six months behind the wheel
  • Over 60,000 under-17s will have taken a Young Driver course by the end of 2012
  • Special Winter Driving course begins this weekend (25 November)

A survey among teenagers that have taken the groundbreaking driver training course has revealed that their accident rate is markedly reduced when compared to the overall rate of newly qualified drivers in the UK.

The full price of the half-day course is £85 per person.

For more information on the winter driving course, or any SEAT Young Driver events, go to


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