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Vauxhall helps make car insurance affordable

17 Nov , 2012  

Vauxhall have teamed up with Ingenie a young drivers insurance company. The partnership aims to provide 17 to 25 year-old Vauxhall drivers, of both new and used cars, with more affordable insurance and the benefits of ingenie’s black box technology, which acts as a co-pilot.

Key areas of driving are assessed including speed, cornering, braking and acceleration. The policy is then reviewed every three months and the best drivers could receive a discount of up to 10 per cent on their insurance in the first year – so, if they drive well, they pay less.

Seeing as most young drivers car insurance is £1000+ i hardly think saving £100 in a year through driving like Miss Daisy is a big benefit….insurance companied need to give young drivers the benefit of the doubt. £500 a year insurance, if you crash it then goes up to what it should be. You cant tard everyone with the same brush!


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