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2013 Nissan GTR – Godzilla gets upgrades!

2 Nov , 2012  


The GTR is possibly one of THE most amazing cars on the planet. Supercar performance, for M3 money! They are my favourite car….full stop. So i am extremely biased.

However Nissan have today announced the upgrades to the 2013 model, they are as follow:

  • New high output injectors, improve mid-range and high-rpm response
  • New relief valve to suppresses the decrease of turbo pressure, helping to sustain response
  • New oil pan baffle helps keep oil pressure stable, and reduces rotational friction while driving
  • Revised dampers, springs and front anti roll bar to lower the centre of gravity
  • New cam bolts, to improve camber accuracy and stability when cornering
  • Increased torque carrying capacity of the driveshafts and hub bearings
  • Reinforcements added to the dash panel and instrument panels, resulting in increased body rigidity and better suspension control
  • Price and exact performance details to be released soon…..



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