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Hyundai i30 three door – in case you want a blander pro_ceed

14 Sep , 2012  

If you didnt already know…..this car will give it away! Hyundai and Kia are one and the same *shock* the new i30 makes this pretty apparent. It looks almost the same as the new Kia Pro_Ceed (that we covered yesterday) just alot more plain looking.

Heres what Kia  Hyundai say:

  • LED DRL’s in the fog light cluster
  • Newly-profiled lower front bumper
  • New rear horizontal, sculpted fog lamps that contrast with the upright units of the five-door
  • 16-inch alloy wheels as standard
  • Ride and handling has been especially tuned for the European market
  • Drivers can alter the settings of the FLEX STEER system to change steering assistance depending on their preference and prevailing conditions
  • Choice of 4 engines, and five power outputs
  • Six speed manual as standard
  • Stand out engine model is the ‘U-II’ 1.6-litre diesel engine, generating 128PS yet emitting only 97g/km of CO2 delivering the best power-to-efficiency ratio in the C-segment
  • Built in Hyundais Czech factory
  • 5 year triple care warranty (five-year unlimited warranty, five years’ roadside assistance, and five years of vehicle health checks)



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